Lokietka – Photos by Kasia Klimek

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Kasia Klimek, whose photos of Ul. Lokietka in Krakow brought me to her attention, did me the wonderful favor of taking photos of the area where my Grandmother’s house once stood at 10A. I realize now that the house is no longer there, however, the land is, so a part of once was will remain. Now I see my task as finding the name of the person who sold the land to developers so that I can hopefully find the descendents of my Grandmother’s sister, whom I believe was Magdalena Szymanska. The photos are above.

October Update


I just realized a connection I’ve had all along but had forgotten about. I was cleaning out some files and found this photo, along with the photo of the tree on the Polish Photos page. I believe this is the same woman, Magdalena Szymanska, that is in the other photo there with the younger woman and two blond boys. I believe she is also the woman in the photo sitting under a tree. This would be my grandmother’s half sister! Along with the photos was a letter from Jan Waszak. He gives his address below, along with the Lokietka address. The letter was dated November 1, 1985.

Part of his letter goes as follows: First, about me. My name is Jan (John) Waszak. My parents live in Wilczogora. At the present time I am working as a delegate far away from my parents about 250 km. He also says he has two sons, ages 15 & 17 and is about to remarry. I am hoping one of them will see this and contact me.

Jan Waszak
62-900 Pila
ul. Chodzieska 29

Szymanska Magdalena
ul Lokietka Nr. 10. a

October, 2010

The Summer flew by too quickly and I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to continue research. Lately I discovered a photo website that shows the Church in Sokolina – and the photos were taken by Adam Jarkiewicz!!!! Could we be related?? I left him a message there but he has not responded. Unfortunately I do not have his email address: The photo is here: – I also found some photos from Lokietka, my grandmother’s street. Rose, a distant cousin of mine in Germany has written to the owners at the current address (which we found on Google Earth – AMAZING that Google Earth!!) It is now a travel agency. They are to get back to Rose with information for me. Hopefully soon!

It is amazing to see Lokietka on Google Earth. I wonder what my grandparents would think if they could see how different it is now!

What’s Next?

You might be wondering what’s next? For starters, I need to send for information from the two Churches. I also need to investigate The House on Lokietka….

Another Breakthrough!

In the past, for my grandmother, the only place in Poland that everyone said she was born in was Tarnobrzeg. Now, Tarnobrzeg is a very large area. I sent for her Alien Registration Form that she had to fill out during World War II, since she never became a citizen. The name of the town was not clear, as if the keys on the typewriter were broken. Then, last Summer, I had the idea to send for my Aunt Helen’s form. It took almost six month, but the form came and the town’s name was clear as a bell:  Kajmov! I investigated and found that Kajmov had been absorbed by Miechocin. I now have the Church where my grandmother was most likely born and perhaps married! The church of St. Mary Magalene-my middle name!

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Church of St. Mary Magdalene